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Ceramic Tile

When it comes time to update or completely remodel your home, you often have a tough decision to make when it comes to tiles. With every piece that you pick out for your home decoration, you know that the tile is going to be the last element you address, and it needs to match everything perfectly.Ceramic tile backsplash is the affordable and elegant way to go when it comes to redesigning your tiled areas. With a variety of decorative and handcrafted tiles, you’ll be able to create the perfect montage for your next project.

Ceramic Field Tile

Ceramic field tile is a great option for inexpensive tile that still compliments the rest of your kitchen or bathroom décor. These solid color tiles can be placed by themselves or mixed in as a border tile for more decorative elements that you’re using in your kitchen or bathroom. Built from the same quality as handmade and decorative tiles, you’ll find that ceramic field tiles are the more subtle route for your tiling work.

Decorative and Accent Tiles

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your new or current tiling in your kitchen or bathroom, decorative and accent tiles are the perfect solution. Meant  to go with other tile designs that you have, the colors of each tile are meant to go along with other colors that you have in mind for your next project. Each tile is handmade and offers a beautiful touch that’s meant to add to a basic field tile that you’re installing.

Pool Tiles

Strictly meant for the waterline in your pool, pool tiles give your outdoor or indoor pool the perfect touch. These decorative tiles are the perfect accent and go along great with other outdoor decoration that you may have. Available in a variety of colors, these tiles come complete with elegant patterns that make for the perfect addition to any outdoor project.

Crackled Ceramic Tile

Handmade and elegant are the words that should come to mind when you think of crackled ceramic tile. These tile collections offer the perfect set of accents and borders that can give you tiling project the perfect finishing touch. Avoid the dull look of a flat wall of tiles with handcrafted and decorative tiles such as these. 

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