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How to install your new kitchen backsplash

By John Scagaliano



Your sink's backsplash is surprisingly important, considering how rarely it's ever mentioned. It channels all of your sink's spatters or excessive splatter runoff, ensuring that the back wall remain clean and dry. You could even improve your kitchen's looks, by simply altering this modest kitchen related fixture.  There is a great variety of available backsplashes, so the possibility are near endless. Making the right choice in this area could make a nice looking kitchen into a stunning one.     


How to install your new backsplash.



There are many diverse and specialized methods that homeowners and contractors use to install backsplashes. It's mainly depend-ant on the materials and the way in which the backsplash is constructed.


What would be the best way for you to install yours?


We're going to go over some of the options, so that you can make that judgment for yourself. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the materials your backsplash is going to be constructed with.




Material commonly used for the construction of Backsplashes



The most commonly used material for backsplashes is tiles. Available in a multitude of varieties and a compete and utter breeze to install, it's no wonder that tiles are so commonly used.    

Another plus you get from choosing tiles, is the relative low cost of material. So for starter homes or any household on a strict budget, tile seems to be the obvious choice.    

More homeowner have decided to use glass tile specifically, for their backsplash. It's both inexpensive and very appealing to the eye. As a unique feature, glass tile reflects in a rather appealing fashion, ensuring that it will stand out even more.




Some other commonly used materials, in the construction of backsplashes, are steel, copper, and some varities of stone, such as travertine. When choosing the material for your backsplash's construction, choose the material that fits  to your home's decor as well as your budget.




   How to install a backsplash 



In understand how a backsplash is constructed, you get to understand how to install one. First, there is the construction material, which we just talked about in detail. Then there is the sealant. The kind of sealant you use has a direct impact on how well the backsplash protects your wall, as well as how long your backsplash last. You should first take into consideration, what that backsplash is made out of, when choosing your sealant. If you want your backsplash to last any extended period of time, you'll have to choose a sealant that is compatible. Most sealants are available in both sheet and tile form. Sheet sealant requires that you take the time to measure and cut the sealant, in order to ensure a proper fit and seal. Tile sealant requires that you compensate for the opening between each title, by applying gout to fill it in.




You have a major decision ahead of you, with the selection and installation of your backsplash.   Just keep in mind that although the choices are many, it come down to choosing the right materials for yourself and the job.






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