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Metal Tile 

Metal Backsplash Tiles Can Add Beauty And Sophistication To Your Kitchen

Kitchens seem to be the one room of the house that often lacks style and sophistication. Perhaps, that is because that kitchens are the one place in the home where functionality is more important that than style. After all, no matter how beautiful and sophisticated a kitchen looks, if you can't cook in it then the room is practically worthless, so it is only natural that most home owners would choose function over aesthetics when it comes to that kitchen décor. But, what if this didn't have to be the case? What if there was a way to keep your kitchen's functionality completely intact while still being able to bring your kitchen beautifully alive and add a bit of sophistication? Well, luckily there is by adding some metal backsplash tiles to your kitchen décor.

Doing your entire backsplash in metal backsplash tiles can brighten even the dullest kitchen and give it an entirely new look. You can also blend a few metal tiles in with your current backsplash tiles to give your entire kitchen a pick me up sophisticated style without breaking the bank.

An Array Of Backsplash TileChoices

You can find an array of choices in metal backsplash tiles. Choose from stainless steel, copper, pewter, or aluminum or even choose between solid metal tiles and cast metal tiles with a resin polymer base and real metal face.

Copper tiles can add both sophistication and warmth to those backsplash tiles and serve as focal point as well. Copper tiles come in both sophisticated designs and interesting murals so they can add depth as well as beauty to your kitchen.

Stainless steel tiles are perfect for those of you who have those lovely stainless steel appliances and adding one or a few stainless steels tiles to your kitchen backsplash can pull your entire kitchen together and give it a more refined and sophisticated look.

Pewter tiles can add an old fashion air to any country kitchen giving it a look of real authentic country tradition and adding just the right texture to liven up those traditional backsplash tiles. Pewter backsplash tiles goes extremely well with those granite and quartz counter tops and adds an element of surprise sophistication to the overall look of your kitchen.

Cast Metal Tiles

Cast metal backsplash tiles come in 1” by 1” up to 4" by 4" squares making them perfect to scatter throughout your backsplash adding real beauty to any kitchen. There are several great designs to choose from and the embossed designs can add a new element to texture to your kitchen that enhances it beauty while leaving it's functionality untouched.

Not Just For Kitchens

Keep in mind that stunning metal tiles aren't just for kitchens, but look great in the bathroom, and can even be used to enhance that family room or den. These extremely versatile tiles are a great way to enhance the beauty of your home with having to pay for a complete renovation.

Adding Value To Your Home

The great thing about metal backsplash tiles is that they not only add eye catching beauty to your kitchen, they also add value to your home. In this day and age with so many homes on the market, having something that adds warmth and appeal to your home is a good thing. Studies have shown that having an appealing kitchen and bathroom are the two things that buyers want most.


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