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These are a sample of just some of the great installations that customers have done using our products. As you can see we can help you to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and to provide you with a high quality and easy to clean backsplash.

We are able to provide quality construction materials in the form of ceramic tiles, natural stones, metal accents, and glass tiles. Hopefully by looking through some of these projects you can get an idea of the great products that we have to offer and potentially get some ideas for how you can unlock the potential of your kitchen.

Although these projects may look a bit intimidating creating your own custom backsplash is made extremely simple through our easy-to-use products as well as with the help of our professional moderators. We are available to take your questions on our website as well as guide you through the installation process from start to finish so that your project can be as successful as these ones.

Simply measure the area that you would like to cover and then pick from our vast array of products. Looking through our photo gallery if you see something that you like we can work to try and re-create one of these great custom backsplash is within your own home and using the exact same materials.

We have looks that can range from beautiful modern, traditional, contemporary or even a kitchen conversion piece. With plenty of colors to choose from including stainless steel, copper and gunmetal options we can work to create solutions in residential projects, commercial projects or restaurant projects. No job is too small or too large in our materials can be made to fit just about any space to achieve the look you desire.

Since 2008 we have been committed to the highest level of customer service for do-it-yourselfers worldwide. Many people trust my tile back splash because of their comprehensive help as well as their attention to detail and value. The incredible selection of backsplash tiles that are available to allow you to get pretty creative and create some beautiful focal points within your kitchen or bathroom space. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, moving into a new home or renovating commercial a restaurant property we are available to handle any order with customer support online as well as through the phone.

As you can see from our galleries many customers have been extremely successful in using our products to create amazing accent pieces for their interior design within their homes. You can be a part of our great story and take advantage of our high quality products. If you are interested in making us a part of your next renovation or do-it-yourself project, do not hesitate to get a hold of us on our website or through our helpline.

Hopefully our gallery has helped to inspire you to add some style to your tile with my tile back splashes.



Supreme Glass Tiles Slate and Dark Slate  



Glass Subway Tile Ideas  



Cane Series CNB35  



Glass Mosaic Tile CNB35





Impression Series IMP07


As you already know, subway glass tiles are a popular and convenient way to decorate nearly any room in your home. When it comes to the kitchen, you want a natural look and feel that you don’t often find with tiles. The Bella Glass Tiles Impression Series IMP07 could exactly what you’re looking for. With colors in offset shades for a realistic look you’ll be amazed at how your kitchen comes out when you decorate your walls with these tiles. While we could always talk about how durable and long lasting these tiles are, and how they stand up to the messiest of kitchens, here are just a few reasons on why the subway tile has decorative benefit.



3 x 6 Teal Glass subway Tile



Supreme Glass Tiles 3 x 6 Teal



The Supreme Glass Teal Subway Kitchen Backsplash is a unique yet perfect collection to add to your next kitchen decoration project. The great thing about teal is that it’s a very neutral color, meaning it can go with a variety of different decoration ideas.

Keep It Bright

You’ll love the elegance that these teal tiles add to any room with their reflective surface. As light gets pulled into the room from windows and lighting, the surface allows the light to spread farther, enhancing the elements that surround the tile. The end result is that you bring out the appliances in your home, as well as any decorative countertop that you may have installed. The teal subway kitchen backsplash is designed to enhance the things around it, rather than stick out by itself.

Keep It Affordable

There’s always a budget in mind for those that are redecorating. For those that are looking for the perfect combination of value and decorative status, the Supreme Glass Teal Subway Kitchen Backsplash may very well be the perfect choice. The balance of affordability with design have almost been perfected in this tile. The long lasting blend will give you years of happiness with your home, making sure that you don’t need to redecorate for some time (provided they’ve been installed properly).

Keep It Simplified

The idea of subway kitchen backsplash is to allow the other elements in the room to stick out, while enhancing the color of the room. This simple brick-style layout of tiles does just that, without creating too much distraction that can sometimes result from different patterns and shapes. The simple look also assures you that your style will long outlast your kitchen appliances, so while other things may change in your kitchen, your tile doesn’t need to.

The Supreme Glass Teal Subway Kitchen Backsplash is the ideal choice if any of the things that we’ve mentioned are something that you’re looking for in your future kitchen redecoration process. We know that you have lots of choices when it comes to tile, so if you’re looking to not make it the forefront of your decoration, then this is a great direction for you.








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