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Weybridge Switchplates

There are many different types of decorative light switch plates that will make your kitchen or any room become much more elegant. And at MyTileBackSplash there are light switch covers available for any improvement project – regardless of your budget.

The Weybridge switchplates are perfect match for stone backsplashes


People sometimes neglect small accents like switchplates when renovating a home because they focus on larger things like wall color, flooring, and furniture. However, it is also important to choose the right accents for your home because sometimes, these small things make or break a certain room design. For instance, if you want your light switches or electric sockets to look natural and elegant, you should consider choosing cast stone switchplates.

There are a number of things that you need to remember when it comes to selecting the right switchplates made of cast stone for your home.

Count all switches and sockets in your house

It is important that all the switches and sockets in your house are covered in the same kind of switch plates. Be sure to change the switchplates in the entire house even if you are just renovating one room. Count how many cast stone switchplates you will need. Count those sockets behind the furniture and in hidden corners. Miscounting the sockets and switches in your house will only make them look uncoordinated.

Choose the right layout for your switchplates

Sockets and switches have different layouts. For example, you may need a switchplate that has three switches for your living room that has three light sources. You also need to understand that there are electrical sockets that have different kinds of receptacles. Electrical outlets also come in different layouts. The ordinary socket is the one that has two rectangular holes and an outlet that has two rectangular holes and one round hole. To avoid mistakes, you can draw the layout of the switches and outlets on a piece of paper so that you will know how many of each types you need to buy.

Choose the right size

Switchplates also come in different sizes. You may need a large switchplate if the tile installer left a large space for the switchplate when installing the tiles. You also need larger switchplates if you want to cover an unsightly wall part like paint build-up or chipping. Otherwise, you can choose a standard sized switchplate that will provide good coverage for the switches and outlets.

Choose the right color and finish

Switchplates also come in different colors and finishes. Pick a color and finish that matches the existing room theme. For example, you can choose a dark colored cast stone switchplate in a rustic themed room or a polished cast stone finish for a clean and streamlined look in a modern room.

Additional note

Ultimately, choosing the right cast stone switchplates depend on your needs and preferences. Of course, it would not hurt to consider the tips mentioned above if you want to have a successful experience shopping for switchplates.